Getting You to Buy
3 Important Factors of Advertising
Taken from “The Persuaders
Comm 1500: Mass Communication

3 Important Factors to Get You, the Consumer to Buy.

1. Consumers are a lot like cockroaches, they quickly become immune to whatever you are trying to throw at them, so you have to keep up-to-date on techniques to penetrate this immunity. Advertisers since the beginning have always created clutter among the advertising. In an article from 2006, before the economy was on it’s way out, an expert reported for USA todays that, “The secret, from an advertiser’s point of view, is to do something unexpected, to market or advertise in an unusual way or unique place so you are heard above the din and become memorable.” Now that may seem pretty tricky, but all you have to do is look at your competition, and NOT do what they are doing. That is key. Advertisers like the Apple iPod use this type of marketing with the white-silhouetted dancers when the iPod first was released. Something iconic for Apple, and it created buzz which ultimately led to the most used MP3 Player, and ultimately to a revamp of Apple in general. Being different can be difficult, but it can have huge rewards!

2. Good Market Research does work! It may take years, or just month to conduct good market research, but all the money you spend on this, can and will save your company from wasting even more money producing and marketing a product that just won’t sell. To go back to my example of the Apple iPod, do you think they did no market research on creating the iPod, iTunes, or any of their products? I somehow highly doubt that. You need to know your market, and what those in your market actually want to buy. In an article from Business Week published back in 2008 named “Market Research on the Cheap,” the author, John Tozzi explains 5 steps that a company with little money to do research and how they can still accomplish corporate America status research. His five steps are: “1. Research the same way you sell. 2. Mine public data. 3. Recruit B[business]-school students. 4. Survey Online. 5. Create an online community.” All of these are great methods to use when trying to create market research with little or no money.

3. Try to find inner-brand meaning. What does this mean? Well within the past decade marketers have been trying to change the way they advertise because of the cockroach effect. Throughout the movie, “The Persuaders,” they discuss how it is no longer what the actually product does, it is what meaning that product brings to you. For example, Brawny Paper Towels, they clean, they are durable, but what does that mean to you? So does every other paper towel right? Well marketers want to change that. How does a paper towel change your life, it creates a sense of ease, or whatever the particular marketer wants to do with that. An iPod is not just an MP3 player; it is now a way of life because of the way that it became engrained in our culture. This is what marketers want to see, and I believe that if you find that inner-brand meaning, you find inner-happiness.

What is your favorite commercial and/or product and why?


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