Working in a building where stages literally change overnight can be a bit crazy!! It has finally died down a bit from the hectic crazy Christmas Show Line-Up, and it has been nice to work on some other projects over at the performing arts building on campus, The Val. A Browning Center for the Performing Arts.

What I do at the VBC is all of the marketing of outside performances, and I gather knowledge about shows to put up on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Sort of a PR type of guy. However my official title, seeing as I am just a student worker, is Web and Design Graphic Artist. The experience I am getting here will last a lifetime, and if you can find a job like this where you don’t have to drive to get to work, and you get your weekends to study and have a life, I highly recommend it!
Getting the job wasn’t easy, and to be honest I was quite nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect! With only one previous interview, I had no idea the fidgets or sayings that would come about throughout my interview! Once getting the job I was able to dive right in. The website was re-designed, marketing strategies were put into place, and I was able to learn more about visual communication (graphic design) as well!

Working on campus I have been able to meet great people at the University who I can turn to if I ever had a problem or concern, or just wanted to get advice from. It is always nice to have connections because it “isn’t what you know, it is who you know!” Being a Public Relations/Advertising major I have been able to dabble into some amazing projects that will enable my career and of course that dreaded resume!

It is interesting to learn what works and what doesn’t work and working in the field also provides an insight to my course work as well. In my Communication Theory Class I have been able to provide many examples that enlighten other students, and help me grasp the concept of each theory. In the end it is fun to see all the different aspects of my life wrapped up into one concept, communication. I can’t wait to work up the corporate ladder, however I understand that I had to begin somewhere. I am just glad that somewhere was at Weber State.

What sort of jobs have you had that you loved? Were you nervous for the interview? Perhaps check out my friends blog, Stephen, about Career Services, they can help you a lot with getting over this stress. If there was one dream job you could have, what would it be? Perhaps I could even hook you up with some people to make the dream happen! I would love to help, so please let me know!

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