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DECA: “America’s Drive-In”

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DECA Advertising Campaign
Sonic Drive-In: America’s Drive-In

This was a project created for DECA my senior year in high school where we worked with local Sonic Drive-In owners to create a special deal for Bingham High School.

The idea behind created an advertising campaign and promotion for Bingham High School was to test the idea of a campaign like this and begin applying to other local high schools that were geographically located near a Sonic Drive-In.

We created a complete advertising pitch that included our goals for the campaign, showed examples of current advertising efforts, and outlined a path that this campaign would create if put into effect by the local owners.

To really help gather a better understanding, and to prove the concept we created 10 commercial spots that aired on the school news program sporadically. To help gain attention on the program we used school “celebrities,” including class officers and other “popular” students. They were a huge success, and on a previous YouTube account hosting the videos, had lots of hits.

Some of the spots can still be found on Harrison Studio’s YouTube.

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