This past week Weber State really pulled it together and was able to beat out both Montana teams in the Big Sky Conference. Saturday’s game was a slaughter-house in which the final score was 78-58, with a great turn out of students! The high school seniors who were in attendance to the game were welcomed by the announcer, Robb Alexander, (who by the way is the funniest man you will meet) and were given bandanas, tickets to the game, free food, and were able to stay and watch MegaMind with the WSU Student Body. An awesome event to showcase the great student body we have here at WSU.

Weber State University Basketball BashBasketball Bash FlierThis event wasn’t something that just happened however, at the end of last semester (early December) Weber State Athletics held a meeting in which different clubs and organizations around campus attended to come up with events for Basketball games that are entertaining and enticing to WSU Students. A committee that I was asked to join to represent the WSU Ambassadors. I went to the meeting with a couple other ambassadors, Ashley and Drew. At the meeting we discussed ideas, and one was mentioned by the Athletic interns to perhaps have a dance or something on the court after a game. An activity that sparked interest in my mind, and I knew I wanted to make something of the sort, happen. So here goes the planning.

Soon the new semester began, and the Student Recruitment and Orientation Office was thinking of an activity that we could invite high school students too to see what Weber State is all about. A sort of hands on experience instead of just reading something online. I began speaking with Porter and Chris over in Athletics to see if we could make something happen, and happen soon!

They were a great group to work with and willing to meet our needs as an office and really pulled the whole thing together. The thought behind the event was to make it something larger than normal. Get student to attend the game, and stay after for a WSU sponsored event. With the game being at 4pm instead of the normal 7pm we thought that providing dinner between the game and the beginning of the movie would be a great idea. And so the final idea was born.

We knew we need to get other organizations besides Athletics and the Ambassadors involved, so Porter and Chris included the Student Association on campus that sponsored the payment to get MegaMind into the Dee Event Center before it is released on DVD. Were then able to provide food to 500 students in attendance to the game, which isn’t an easy feat. Feeding 500 people can actually become quite expensive, and it was. The total cost of this event was close to $2,000, if not over. However, it was all worth it!

Student ambassadors greeted high school students as well as current student to insure that they got a meal ticket to the floor following the game. Each high school student was given a bandana for the game to sport some purple, and got to hang out with the rest of the WSU Student Body during the game, cheering and yelling. In the end people stayed for the movie, and everyone quite enjoyed themselves. They were able to eat wonderful chicken wraps, chips, cookies and of course drink Coco-Cola products. And did I mention all of this was free? Yep, it was!

If there was one event that you would like to have created and you attend, what event would that be and why?

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