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The New Facebook: Evolve or Die like MySpace

Facebook announced from its headquarters in San Francisco on Thursday that it will be changing its users’ profiles to create a whole new user experience.

Facebook’s goal is to become the social function that connects all facets of life, no matter what part of life people are trying to share.

At Facebook’s annual F8 Conference, it announced major changes coming within the next six weeks to its users. With some updates already visible, Facebook has begun stirring conversation in friendship circles and the social media world. Students have been discussing information in classrooms and have already been making comments on the new changes.

“I think it is interesting if I understood it more,” said Shalese Hadley, a Weber State University senior. “I dig the big pictures though.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder, revealed the latest version of the Facebook profile at F8,  Timeline.

In the keynote presentation broadcast through Facebook live on Facebook.com, Zuckerberg also mentioned other changes to Facebook, including the addition of new buttons next to the “like” feature, such as listened, watched and read. With these new features, Zuckerberg hopes users will be more inclined to share information across the web.

“I am excited to be able to not just say ‘like’ anymore and just share more of what I am finding across the web,” said Devan Spencer, an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University. “It is like Facebook is taking the idea of Pinterest and putting it with everything else I do.”

Facebook has launched minimal updates to its users in the past week, including some new features for the news feed. However, the major changes that will be occurring on users’ profile will be the new time line.

“In the world of social media, you either evolve or die,” said Jon McBride, web writer/editor and administrator for the WSU Facebook page. “Get used to Facebook constantly making changes. If they don’t, they become MySpace.”

Timeline will allow users to now track everything around a particular subject. For students, this could mean everything from tracking activities done with college friends at a dorm room to places gone, things done, photos taken and music listened to.

“What is incredible is that not only are your memories there, but that they’re all in one place…Timeline really is a blank canvas, it’s big enough for everybody’s story,” said Facebook’s Product VP Chris Cox, during the presentation.

For others, this feature can be used for marriages, trips or any other life experience embarked on. Users could take everything done on Facebook, or online for that matter, and essentially group it into a memory box.

“I can now easily remember my college experience,” says Michelle Garret, a student at WSU. “I have done a lot in the two years I have been at Weber, and now I can make that memory last longer.”

Students are not yet fully aware of what is to come, besides what they have already seen. Most students interviewed said they didn’t even know something more was coming. Garrett said she was eager to see the changes, and wants to begin to use the new Facebook people are buzzing about.

“It’s cool that Facebook, at its basis, is still about people connecting with people,” said McBride. “The timeline really illustrates that, by being able to share more of yourself easily over time.”


This article was published in Weber State University’s student newspaper, The Signpost. http://bit.ly/rmEsyq


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