Over the past week for my Mass Communication class I was asked to keep track of my entire media usage from reading a tweet on my phone to watching Hulu. It was an interesting assignment that is something that actually frightened me.

I began my assignment on the 27th of January 2011, only to discover that I use a heck of a lot more mass media then I could have ever imagined. Newspapers, radio, books, online TV, online radio, online social networking, all seem to be a part of my daily life, and until now I didn’t realize how much apart of my life it was. The majority of my time is spent on one medium throughout my entire day, personal or work, that medium, the Internet.

Almost five-and-half-hours is spent on the internet consuming entertainment, education, and of course helping to cope with boredom on the job. For the purpose of this study I did not keep track of how often I turn to the internet for boredom. I will admit Facebook seems to get the best of me, and with it’s over 500 millions users, there is a lot to keep everyone entertained. Music came next only coming in at about 3 hours a day combined between online radio, and broadcast radio. Then it fell as follows: Textbook and Movies just at about an hour a day, and newspaper at about 2 minutes per day (A requirement by one of my other university classes).

I use each medium for multiple purposes and often times I found myself having a hard time to categorize why I was using the medium. For example a lot of my work time you could also say was for enjoyment. I love to learn about new ways to advertise and since I am a PR/Advertising major I could also say I am using Twitter and Facebook for education purposes, as well as enjoyment, as well as work. I spend my entire day always learning new information; it is what I love about Twitter! I follow people who entertain me like Joan Rivers, but I also follow companies that discuss advertising techniques like Ad Age.

The experience truly enlightened me about my usage of mass communication, and even though I use a terrifying amount of it each day, when I know I should be studying or writing papers like this one, I know that I learned something, and knowing I learned something is the greatest experience I could have. Facebook may eat up a large majority of my time, and I won’t deny that to anyone.

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