My name is Connor Harrison, and I am a marketing and social media fanatic who just recently graduated from Weber State University in Ogden, UT with my BS in Communication: PR / Advertising with an emphasis in Marketing.

I am very passionate when it comes to my job, and my hobbies. I always try to excel through my projects, and ensure that I learn something along the way. While at college I was given the wonderful opportunity to be a University Admissions Ambassador where I was able to help thousands of potential students in local schools and at recruitment fairs see the value of higher education. College can change a person’s life, and it most certainly did mine.

Being involved on campus was what I was all about. I joined organizations and committees so I could network and grow my wealth of knowledge by applying my classroom teachings to the real world to solve real problems. And now I am here, in the real world, ready for what it has to throw at me.

Through my time in college I was able to assist in many different marketing attempts through the admissions office to high school and potential students, to the student association where we marketed to current students. Not to mention my part-time job while on campus where I worked as the Marketing Director for the Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts where I was able to really hone in my skills, and develop a style, and a brand for myself on campus and in the community.

I’m a light hearted, fun-loving individual with goals, aspirations, and I am always willing to humiliate myself to get a good laugh out of those around me. I’m authentic in everything I do, and I hope to work for a company that is just as authentic as myself.

Through this site you can see my writings, my web and graphic design work, and my personal blog (Hope to be launching an even bigger personal blog here shortly called “My Life Possible.”). With the knowledge from the classroom, the application in the business world, and the testing in my personal life of marketing, management, and leadership, I know I would make a great candidate at your company.


Other Important Information

My Education

Weber State University | April 2013
Bachelor of Science: Communication: Public Relations/ Advertising with an Emphasis in Marketing


My Skills

Social Media
Web Design

180Fusion | Senior Product Specialist | Sep 2013 – Present
    • Work within 130+ Google AdWords Accounts
    • Oversee clients who use a proprietary software for the company to help focus on bids and budget
    • Interact with clients on a monthly basis through phone calls and emails
    • Perform Google Adwords Optimizations on client accounts
    • Previous Positions: Paid Search Strategist, Junior Product/Account Specialist.

Target | Sales Floor Team Leader | Jun 2007 – Present
Current Position: Sales Floor Team Member
  • Develop team members to guide their career at the company through inspiration and leadership style
  • Re-merchandise product based on levels, sales, etc.
  • Developed new training expectations and materials to train new team members about tasks, culture, and great guest service throughout the store
  • Meet with store leadership about opportunities and strengths within my area

Positions Held: Sales Floor Team Leader – Sofltines (Feb 2013 – Sept 2013), Guest Service Attendant (Front-End Leader), May 2012 – Feb 2013; Electronics Key Team Member / Sales Floor Trainer, June 2007 – May 2012; Electronics Specialist, Summer 2008 & 2009; Backroom April 2011 – June 2011.


    • Developed new clothing adjacency and merchandise placement management system
    • Developed an accessory attachment form, and guest management form
    • Developed Front End brand management and tracking
    • Developed Equipment Control standards, audits and tracking
    • Developed a new training kit to help new team members transition after their initial training period.


Weber State University Student Association | Marketing Director | May 2012 – Aug 2012

Other Positions Held: Marketing Intern

Managed the student association’s (WSUSA) brand at Weber State University. This position included my direct team of graphic artists, assistant and executive graphic artist.

In this position I oversaw the creation of new social media accounts, a new logo, recruitment brochure, bi-weekly newsletters for students, and creating new branding including a color scheme and style. With new social media accounts I was able to increase the fan base of the student association to nearly 700 likes on Facebook, 200 followers on Twitter, and create one of the first Instagram accounts on campus with over 200 followers — all within 6 months.

I also lead a team of 5 graphic designers, and my assistant to created campaigns for multiple events on campus each week, including developing a social media calendar, and managing the timelines of advertising for WSUSA’s events.

Other position accomplishments:
– Oversaw a weekly giveaway booth for students with Weber Pride.
– Created an intriguing and marketable booth for Freshman Orientation with record visits.
– Tracked and managed graphic design projects
– Created a bi-weekly newsletter to be placed in all student union bathroom stalls.
– Held weekly meetings with my direct team as well as other Presidential Cabinet members.
– Worked closely with campus web designer to ensure all content was current online.
– Oversaw the creation of a new WSUSA App available on Google Play and in the App Store.
– Created new marketing materials for WSUSA including a recruitment brochure and other distribution materials.

Ambassador of the Year

Weber State University | April 2011

Target Top Performer

Target Corporation | Riverdale, UT | Aug 2012

Lamda Pi Eta Honor Society

Weber State University

Delta Lamba Sigma Honor Society

Weber State University

Google Adwords Advance Search | Jan 2014
Google Adwords Advertising Fundamentals | Oct 2013
  • Public Relations
  • Communication Graphics
  • Communication Research
  • News Reporting and Writing
  • Web Design
  • Public Speaking
  • Media Writing
  • Public Relations and Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Communication Law
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Introduction to Business
  • Internship
  • Senior Seminar